Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Unreal!!!

A few weeks ago Bzzagent gave me the opportunity to try this new candy called Unreal. It boasts the use of no GMO's, all natural colors and all natural flavors and what not... sounds horrible, right?! ..... .... WRONG!!! This candy was actually very good! The first candy I tried was the M&M equivalent , I say first 'cause I've since tried several more offerings from the new Unreal line since, and I could definitely tell a difference, but in a good way. The chocolate shells were all kinds of cool muted tones colored from all natural stuff like red cabbage and beets, not the crazy wild artificial colors of the leading brand. The inside was really smooth, not bitter and almost tasted like a mild dark chocolate, it actually tasted like real chocolate... not chocolate flavored product. I was totally impressed with this whole line of candy and even let my 2 yr old have a few of the M&Mish candies, without feeling bad. The peanut butter cups were also very good, not quite as big or rich as the ones in the orange package, but still very good. The caramel-nougat bar was was just as good as the leading brand, with my only critique being texture, it was not quite as soft and fluffy as the one you're used to. (The one that's named after the galaxy we live in) I haven't tried the other 2 selections from this line, the Snickers-esque and peanut "M&M's", just because I'm not a big fan of nuts in my candy. (Insert childish laughter here) Candy junkies everywhere can indulge themselves and not even feel guilty... Score!


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