Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You?! (GIVEAWAY)

I know a lot of you have probably made the resolution to eat better and get  healthy and I would like to help you do just that. 

Did you know that by swapping one Big Mac extra value meal for a lower calorie salad, you can save yourself *16,000 calories?!

Ok, so I'm not a nutritionist, but common sense tells you that eating a salad every once in a while is good for you. 

So I would like to give 5 of you lucky readers a Qpon for $1.00 off a new Lean Cuisine Salad Additions to start your New Year's resoluting off on the right foot.


Entering is easy!

Simply pick a number 1-500, record it in the comments below, sit back and wait for me to email you.

 (Only if you win, I won't just email you to chit chat (unless you're into that kinda thing))

I will choose one winner a day for 5 days starting on Friday morning.

Good Luck!

*Truly factless figure. I just made this number up.
Winner will have 24 (but proobably more, as I often forget when people don't respond on time) hours to claim their prize or I will pick another winning number.
In the event two people pick the same number, I will award the prize to the person who picked it first.  Choose your number carefully!

This post was sponsored be ME. I took these Qpons out of my own personal stash... You're welcome. : )