Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Zombie Onions Update

These are some fo' real zombie onions!
After the post about my zombie "garden" a few weeks ago, I put the pot outside to get some direct sunlight and to harden them off... That was a mistake!
Our weather has been so incredibly hot that they withered up & died. (the fact that I forgot to water them probably didn't help much either)
So I decided to clip off the dried up pieces & bring 'em back inside & try again.
I really didn't have much hope that they would come back from the dead again, but much to my amazement, they did... With great ferocity... ZOMBIES!!!

(Insert awesome Will Ferrell ZOMBIE! clip from step brothers here)

The pic shown here, is only a week's worth of growth. I think it has something to do with the halogen bulbs in my over the sink fixture, but these things are growing like crazy.
It kinda looks like that one on the right is trying to turn on the garbage disposal.... Or needs some Cialis.  :\ 


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