Wednesday, June 13, 2012

English Muffin Pizzas

These individual sized pizzas are super easy to make & are a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen.
What you need:
English muffins
Mozzarella cheese
Toppings of your choice
When making these pizzas, I like to switch it up a bit, I like to use Bbq sauce or ranch dressing instead of traditional tomato sauce and chicken or crab instead of typical pepperoni or sausage.
Examples of topping combos...
Ranch with chicken, bacon & mozzarella.
Ranch with lump crab, mozzarella & basil.
Bbq with chicken, bacon, green onions & mozzarella.
Ranch with chicken (marinated in Frank's red hot sauce), bacon, green onions & feta.
Bbq with chicken, pineapple, bacon & mozzarella.
The combos are truly endless, don't be afraid to mix it up in the kitchen, have fun with your cooking and it won't seem like such a chore.
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