Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Of My Favorite Things...

My boys and my freebies.
This is Micah and his Freaky Pet, which he has affectionately named Pappy. 
We adopted "Pappy" through the "Freaky Friday" giveaway on the Freaky Pets fb page.
Every weekday, they have an opportunity for you to win a Freaky Pet of your very own, by answering a random question.
There are several different Freaky Pets, and they all have a secret... They're really 2 pets in 1. They are like little, furry, bipolar toddlers... they have a sweet side & a cranky side.  You can switch them from one to the other easily, by flipping them inside out. Word of Caution... Make sure their "Cranky side" is always tucked back in before you go to bed... Let's just say, you don't wanna know what I caught 3 of them doing to Mickey Mouse and an Angry Bird last week when I got up, unannounced for a drink of water....  I'm still traumatized!!! *shudders*

Seriously tho, these are really cute, fun toys that would make a long time friend for your little one. They're just the right size to tuck in a bag and make great road trip companions.
Head on over and try your luck, you have nothing to lose and possibly a FREE Freaky Pet to gain.
: )


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