Friday, June 15, 2012

Parlez Vous Francais?!

As we were leaving to go do our Friday errands... bank, grocery & the dollar store, I handed Micah to Dad to entertain, for a minute, while I cleaned out the back of the car.
So as Micah pretends to drive, turns on/off the windshield wipers, turn signals & grabs every possible lever/knob and doo dad in sight, I warn Dad this is not going to end well.
That's when I hear the bluetooth lady (with whom I've had issues in the past, I'm quite sure she hates me) say those eight fateful words... "Changing default language to french, one moment please".
Wait.... What the hell did she just say?!  French?! Nooooooooo!!!
As Dad tries, in vain, to cancel the operation, it becomes clear to me that we're quite possibly screwed.
I, being the eternal optimist, suggest checking for the settings on the radio... Surely it's no big deal... It'll be easy, Right?!  Yeah, no.  There's no setting on the radio to change it back.
Now, at this point, most normal people would probably be thinking... "Get out the manual". Which would usually be the correct answer... For most normal people.... Not us. We like to live on the wild side.
We decide to reason with her. Surely if we ask nicely, she'll switch it back.... Yeah, not hardly.
Dad pushes the button to activate the listening function of the bluetooth & respectfully requests "Change default language"...
To which "she" responds... "Pardonne"?, in a very snooty french accent, mind you.
He tries again "Change default language", a bit louder and more sternly this time.
Again, she responds simply... "Pardonne"?
(I'm still wondering why we never got out the book before it got ugly.... Possibly because we were too busy laughing hysterically)
At this point it was getting crucial, he starts randomly hitting combinations of buttons while talking real ugly to and about the bluetooth lady.
I was laughing hysterically on the outside, but on the inside, I was sure we were gonna be stuck with Kia's hellish version of Marion Cotillard forever.
Dad made one last attempt. He hit the button, then very calmly & confidently, he said "Change default language to english por favor".
I then and there made the executive decision to consult the manual, and by "consult the manual", I mean, I  threw him the book & let him fugure it out.
The fix was quite simple actually, hold down the bluetooth button for 10 seconds and scroll through the other languages 'til you get back around to english.
In the end, a major tragedy was avoided, we had a great laugh and even learned a few words in french... Glass half full.
: )


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