Thursday, June 14, 2012

Southwest Chicken One Skillet Dinner

What you need:
1 lb chicken cut into 1 in cubes
Lawry's Sante Fe Chili lime & garlic flavor marinade
1 can of chili
1 can whole corn (drained)
1 Bell pepper (chopped)
1/2 cup mexican blend shredded cheese
Marinate chicken in Lawry's Sante Fe chili lime marinade for at least 30 mins, but preferably overnight.
Cook chicken in a skillet with a decent amt. of olive oil til it's almost done, add a few squirts of the Sante fe chili lime marinade & sautee the rest of the way til the chicken is done. Add chili, corn & cut up bell pepper & simmer on medium 10-15 mins or til it's warmed thru. Sprinkle with mexican cheese. Serve with flour tortillas & sour cream.
I was supplied with the Lawry's marinade for free, as a member of Bzzagent.


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