Thursday, December 6, 2012

Begin Again Toys (Review & Giveaway)

Being a Mom is hard work.

We have to do laundry, do dishes, cook food, clean up spills, kiss boo boos, find lost items, break up fights, sign permission slips and give sage advice to tender young minds... all usually before lunchtime.

Since becoming a Mom, I have become a master in the fine art of finding ways to squeeze in a few minutes for myself here and there. 

My favorite is the old "Wanna go play in the tub?" routine. 


Note: This method usually only works with the two year old, the eighteen year old just finds it kind of creepy.


It is my favorite,  because I can actually accomplish two things at once.

One, I can get the baby clean, and two, I can bring my laptop into the bathroom while he's playing and get a little bit of work done... 'til he starts splashing water everywhere causing me to jump up (slowly mind you, I'm not as nimble as I used to be) and pull a groin muscle, while trying to protect my trusty sidekick (my computer).


I digress.


Where was I?! 

Oh yeah, bath time!


 I recently had the pleasure of working with a really fun toy company.

From the second you click on the Begin Again webpage, you know this is not your ordinary online toy store.

Their website is so whimsical and fun. It kind of has an old "general store" feel to it. 

The toys are categorized in a unique format, based on the acronym, "A WISH".


*A - is for the artist. Creative artistic play develops imagination and gives a sense of the world we live in. This is where you can find creative arts, music toys, and more.
W - is for the writer. Children are natural storytellers and these toys help develop communication and confidence. Here you can find role play and character playsets.
I - is for the inventor. The Inventor loves to learn, explore, and build. Find learning games, exploration kits, construction, and science fun here.
S - is for the sportster. Exercise for the body is important of all kids. Here you can find outdoor toys, sporting games, ride-ons, and more.
H - is for the hero. Kids love to save the day. This category is all about heros, adventures, action figures, and wheels fun.

*The BeginAgain workshop is proud to introduce the first collection of ideas inspired by the world of Benjamin Barlowe.  Mr. Barlowe wrote about 5 distinct styles of play that children engage in daily. His journal entries detail the whirlwind way children bounce from one play pattern to the next.  He describes days with crayons everywhere, action figures in the couch and under the table, soccer practices, dance classes, dress up parties, bath time, and stories before bed....WHEW!

Micah, our resident toy tester had his pick of anything in the collection and he chose from the "HERO" section.

Hero Toy: Bathtub Ball 

The bathtub ball is made of plant based, all natural rubber and is dishwasher safe... Hallelujah!

This bathtub set is so cute and fun to play with. It includes two sharks, an octopus, a diver and a reusable ball, that actually holds all the toys when your little one is not using them.

I am usually very wary when buying tub toys, because of the nasty problem of water getting inside them and growing mold, but with the open design of the ball and toys, I don't foresee this being an issue. Dry them thoroughly, before putting them up and I think they will be fine, or if in doubt, throw 'em in the top rack of your dishwasher... Easy Peasy! 

This would make a really cute present for any child in your life, especially one who is into animals, the ocean or one who fancies him/herself an explorer. 

For more details about Begin Again Toys, check out their website or Whole Foods stores nationwide.

The nice folks over at Begin Again Toys have generously allowed me to offer one of you lucky readers a Bathtub Ball toy, like the one I received.

Check out the easy entry form below to get your entries in.


Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. My opinions are my own and yours may differ. Adventures of a Midlife Mommy is NOT responsible for prize shipment.
*Taken from the Begin Again's website.


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