Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

I have noticed recently that other bloggers were writing these types of posts and I am nothing if not a big ol' copycat, so without further ado, here are my top 12 product reviews, recipes and posts of the last year. 

As voted on by absolutely no one and in no particular order...


*Favorite Recipes*


Homemade Coconut Chicken Nuggets

These were amazing! I found a great deal on some ground chicken and this is one of the recipes I made with it. Micah devoured them and even asked for seconds. 


Chicken and Dressing Casserole 

This one needs no explanation. It's chicken and dressing all snuggled up together into a nice yummy casserole.  Read it!


Loaded BBQ Baked Potatoes 

This is a staple in our house. It is a cheap and easy way to make the fam think you spent all kinds of time in the kitchen. Even the kids will love this one!


Homemade Sweet Creamed Corn 

I'd never had homemade creamed corn before trying this recipe, I didn't even know creamed corn existed outside of the canned crap you find in the stores. This is sooo much better than what you're used to, you will never go back to the other stuff and if you were smart enough to freeze some corn from this past summer, you can try this recipe now(or you can use canned whole kernal, I won't tell).



*Favorite Posts*


Parlez Vous Francais?!

Upon leaving the house, to run errands one day, Micah accidentally changed the default language in my car to French. This is what happens when grown ups refuse to refer to the owner's manual. 


Lions and Tigers and Bears... 

This is a story about neither lions, nor tigers, not even bears. It is a story about mice and spiders and how I killed one one day... like a boss... If that boss were totally creeped the crap out by spiders and a bit mentally challenged and trying to cop a squat on the potty.


A Little Something My Mom Shared With Me... 

This is a poem my Mom shared with me when I was in the throws of another failed teenage love affair. I didn't understand what it meant back then, but I do now and I can't thank her enough for sharing this with me. If you have a daughter, are a daughter, know someone who is a daughter, you should share this with them.


Another Year Older

This post is about birthdays and drinking. There's even a recipe for a cotton candy cocktail, which alone is worth the price of admission (which is free, so keep that in mind).



*Favorite Products I Reviewed*


D'lish Soap Factory Handmade Soaps 

They're handmade soaps that look like cakes and cupcakes! (drops mic)  



These are the cutest shoes EVER! Not only are they really cute shoes, but they also squeak when the child takes a step. Yes, after a while it can get kind of annoying, but the amount of joy Micah has when he wears the shoes is worth it! Besides, you can use it as a chance to practice your deep breathing techniques and meditation... Glass half full.  

Family Stickers

This is one of the product reviews I cherish most. Not because the product is expensive or extravagant, but because of what it means. It's a portrait of our entire family, in one place at the same time and since they're stick people, I don't have to worry about those (mumbles) pounds I've put on over the holidays. Yes, I am THAT Mom that has the stick people family on the back of her car, but I also have a few kickass tattoos too, so it balances out.


Build a Bear, Build a Friend, Build a Memory 

This is a gift guide post I wrote for Build a Bear. This one stands out because of how much Micah has enjoyed his Grinch he received. I (Santa) gave it to him for Christmas and he has not slept one night without it, besides the two nights we slept on a palette on the living room floor, due to the stomach flu.   








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