Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Febreze Holiday Scents

Have you seen the new Febreze commercials?

The ones where they take a bunch of unsuspecting people, blindfold them and put them into a cut-away shipping crate/ trash dumpster filled with some of the most putrid items ever (and of course some febreze products)... 

Old rotten food, dirty clothes, dirty diapers and God knows what else and then they make them sniff, then report what they smell, and it's always words like "fresh" "clean" "like a spring meadow" "beach-y" or some stuff like that.

I love the looks on their faces when they take off their blindfolds and see all the filth around them. 

I have been a fan of Febreze products since I came across them way back in the day when I had my very first apartment. 

I would keep a bottle of Febreze fabric refresher beside the couch, so in case someone came to visit, I could give the couch or curtains a quick spray and it wouldn't smell like two twenty something girls lived there.

What does an apartment with a couple of twenty something girls smell like, you ask?!

Cigarettes, wine coolers and regret.


Just in time for Christmas, Febreze has released new additions to their yearly Holiday collection and I was lucky enough to get to check some out.

The Holiday collection has several great offerings, including...


Apple Spice & Delight: The warming scent of fresh-baked apples coated with sweet cinnamon (available only online) 

Cozy Vanilla Sugar: Sweet as notes of vanilla that comfort you like a cocoon of blankets 

Cranberries and Frost: Rich as ripe cranberries and frost on a white winter’s day 

Glistening Alpine: As soothing as a tree-lined mountainside glistening with the scent of pine 

Winter Magic & Glow: Crisp as sunshine-lit icicles in fresh, frosty air 

Holiday Bloom & Cheer: As cheerful as a chorus of holiday aromas blended with winter blossoms.   


I received the Cozy Vanilla Sugar collection to try out. 

I received a candle, a room spray and a Febreze Noticeables plug in oil warmer


This is a great holiday as well as year round scent, it is a warm addition to a living room or bedroom, even the kitchen, which is where I currently have my plug-in stationed.

With all the cooking and food prepping related to the holidays, sometimes our trash cans have all kinds of "yummy" stuff in it, I haven't noticed one foul odor yet, only the warm inviting scent of vanilla.  

The candle smells amazing and it is in a beautiful glass holder that would make a beautiful hostess gift for any holiday parties you might be going to.

Gift giving idea:

Get a nice gold charger plate (the dollar tree has them), arrange two or three of the Febreze holiday candles (mix and match coordinating scents and colors for a dramatic effect) on the plate, cover the bottom of the plate with some clear or red flat marbles (also available at the Dollar Tree), wrap the entire arrangement in clear cellophane and tie it up with a nice red bow, and you're set. (You could also use this as a centerpiece for your own holiday table)

You can get tons more decorating ideas and to order your own Febreze Holiday Collection,  HERE.     

Disclosure: "The Febreze product, information, and additional gift pack have all been provided by Febreze.".

NOTE: Febreze® does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blogsite.







Lynsey @Blogging Planner said...

I ACTUALLY laughed out loud to "Cigarettes, wine coolers and regret" remembering my first apartment with my girlfriends LOL That sums it up perfectly. (ahhhh what times those were) I am a HUGE Febreeze fan - we are never without it in this household!

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