Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kidz Gear Headphones Review and Giveaway!!!


Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, or those of you who know me outside of the interweb, know my boys are not at all close in age. 

Steven is 18 and Micah is 2... Yeah, I know, I was surprised when I found out too! 

Even with their great age difference, my boys love to hang out together... and by "hang out", I mean that Steven aggravates Micah until he is tired or until I break it up.... it is so heartwarming to see them together.  (Sarcasm fully inferred)

The one thing that I have noticed that the boys do have in common, despite their age difference, is their love of music.

Steven will share one of his earbuds  with Micah and they will listen to music together, some of it totally inappropriate for a 2 year old, I'm sure, but until I can get the big one to like Yo Gabba Gabba, I guess it'll have to do. 

The only drawback to this brotherly bonding time, is the volume I have heard Steven listening to, at times. I have explained to him that his little brother likes his hearing fully intact and that he would need to turn it down, he obliges... 'til Micah is gone and then it goes right back up.... which is a totally different blog post for another day.

Far be it from me to stand in the way of brotherly fun (which also buys me a few minutes of quiet time in the process). So instead of banning the music listening sessions, I decided to go around the problem... 

...Enter... Kidz Gear...

"Kidz Gear is grown up performance, built for kids"

Kidz Gear volume limiting headphones have been a Godsend around here. Now instead of just hoping that the boys are listening to their music at a decent level, I can be sure.


  With the Kidz Gear splitter, I can let Micah and Steven both enjoy their music, at different levels, at the same time. Steven plugs in his earbuds, Micah plugs in his Kidz Gear headphones and they're set.

The headphones come in five super cool colors and are adjustable, so they'll fit (al)most everybody, even grown ups (I know, I tried them on to check the level of the music). I chose the green ones and Micah loves them. I often have to hide them or be subjected to constant requests for "More more Yo Gabba Gabba on Mommy's phone". 

Surprisingly, the sound quality of these headphones is really good! I cranked them up as loud as they'd go (remember, I'm a rebel), to see if they'd distort or if they sounded muffled or anything at louder volumes... nothing! 

They sounded the same on low as they did on high. 

I definitely think these headphones are worth the $19.99 price tag.

However, I can't comment on their long term durability, as I've only had them about a month, but I do know that Micah is kind of rough on his toys, and they've held up well so far. No broken pieces or anything snapped off from rough use.


  These Kidz Gear volume limiting headphones would make a great gift for the little music lover on your shopping list this year. For more info on Kidz Gear and to order your own headphones or splitter, check out their website.


The awesome folks over at Kidz Gear have been generous enough to allow me to give one of you lucky readers a goodie box, consisting of a pair of your very own headphones, carrying case and splitter. 

Check out the easy entry form below to get your entries in!

Giveaway ends Friday, December 14th.



Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. My opinions are my own and yours may differ. Adventures of a Midlife Mommy is NOT responsible for prize shipment.


jamaise said...

Popping over from Drama Free - thanks for the chance to enter :)

Megan Koval said...

love these and my oldest daughter wants these so bad..so she wont hear her lil sister ;) lol

XxBabygirlxX said...

Thanks for the chance! Good luck everyone!

I would pick the Green ones. :)

Sam Buck said...

I'd pick the blue for my stepson!

grammy2kaiden said...

I would pick blue for my grandson.

Stephanie said...

pink or purple!

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