Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For the Die Hard Zelda Fans...

When I was approached to check out the unique products from STL Ocarina, I instantly knew what an ocarina was, but for those of you that don't have teen age boys or Zelda geeks around the house, here's what an ocarina is, according to Wikipedia...

"The ocarina (/ɒkəˈrnə/) is an ancient flute-like wind instrument.[1] Variations do exist, but a typical ocarina is an enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the body. It is often ceramic, but other materials may also be used, such as plastic, wood, glass, clay, metal, and even vegetables"

It even has the TriForce symbol 

For you Zelda lovers out there, you'll know that the ocarina is a central part of the plot of both "The Ocarina of Time" and "Majora's Mask", it was the instrument that Link played in those games to do something or go somewhere or something. My son tried to explain it all to me, but I kinda zoned out after 3.7 seconds.

I don't know much about Zelda, admittedly, but I do know that the ocarina I received for review, from STL Ocarinas is really neat!

Trying to figure it out was kind of like being in elementary school and trying to learn how to play the recorder, it sounded really squawky at first, but after a little while, I was actually making a nice sounding tone.

It was super simple to learn to play, just for entertainment purposes, I'm not quite at concert level... YET! 

Included in the package I received, there was a fingering chart, similar in design to what a guitar fingering chart would look like.

 Mind you, I didn't spend a ton of time trying to learn all the Zelda songs that were in the book, but with practice, I could see this being a totally attainable goal. (Zelda nerds everywhere rejoice)

I don't see the ocarina becoming the double neck guitar of our time, but I definitely think it would make an awesome collectable gift for anyone who is into Zelda or for a young child who is just learning about music. 

I think the ocarina is a great way to introduce music into a child's life. They are relatively inexpensive and it's a great way to let kids feel like they are making music, without having to commit to costly instruments or lessons. 

In addition to the traditional style, they also have a special 6 hole potion style ocarina, which I thought was especially cute and collectable.

For more info or to order your very own Ocarina, check out STL's website.


Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. My opinions are my own and yours may differ. 
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