Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little Green Trike Shoe Company (Formerly Squeakers Kid's Shoes)

Squeakers Toddler Shoes - For proper heel-to-toe toddlin'

Being a review blogger has it's advantages, sometimes. 

I am lucky enough to have first access to reviews of some of the newest, best and most useful products on the market. 

So when I recently read a fellow blogger's review of Squeakers shoes, I knew I had to have some for Micah.

I emailed the company and they were nice enough to send me a pair to check out for myself. 

After looking at their website, I chose my favorite, emailed them with my choice and size and waited for the sqeuakers to arrive.


When I got them I was super excited to try them on Micah and watch his face light up as he squeaked around the house with his new squeakers on. 

Yes, I said Squeak around the house.

Squeakers shoes are made with a built in squeaker in the sole of the shoe, it is placed in a way that promotes a proper heel to toe stride... and it is just plain fun for the little ones.

 No worries Moms, the squeaker is easily removed for those times when you need a quieter shoe. 

Simply slide it out and store it for later, and for those of you (us) out there who tend to lose small things, they include an extra pair of squeakers in the box.

 I love how these shoes have the look of laces, with the ease of velcro closures. (Probably designed by a Mom)

The squeaker is conveniently placed on the inside facing sole of the shoe, to be as inconspicuous as possible.

It was something like the scene in the old "Frosty the Snowman" cartoon, when he starts moving after they placed the hat on his head.  As soon as I put those shoes on his feet, he started strutting around the kitchen, listening to his new "rubber ducky" shoes, as he so affectionately refers to them.

He had walked the entire length of the kitchen, back and forth, for about ten minutes, when I realized exactly why the squeakers were removable. 

I decided to do a "test" and removed the squeakers from the shoes... just for testing purposes, of course, and he completely bugged out!

After a small meltdown (me, not him), I put the squeakers back in the shoes, took three deep cleansing breaths and went to my happy place.

After about two minutes, I had completely tuned them out and all was well again.


Joking aside, I really do love these shoes.

Yes, the (removable) squeaker can be a bit annoying at times, but the amount of joy I got from seeing him stomping and dancing around in his new squeakers far surpasses any little noise coming from the shoes. 

On the plus side, you will NEVER lose your child as long as they're wearing their Squeakers... Glass half full!

On the down side, they're horrible for playing hide and seek... Glass half empty!


Squeakers are available in girl's and boy's sizes 3-10 and are available in fifty or so styles, which differ from season to season.

They also offer adorable matching hair bows and removable shoe bows.  

Makes me miss the days when my daughter was still a little bitty thing.

The pair of shoes I received seemed to run a bit small, so before ordering, I suggest you check out their handy dandy measuring chart.


 Micah usually wears a size 7, but the size 7 I received was a hair too small, so I contacted my Squeakers rep, who was more than accomodating. 

I received my shoes at no charge, for the purpose pf this review, but I was still treated with a prompt and courteous response, as they would've treated any paying customer, even though the reason for return was mine.

Having worked in customer service a good part of my adult life, knowing how some companies handle returns, I really appreciate when I get excellent customer service.

Squeakers was founded by a couple of Moms, so that might have a little bit to do with their having great reps too.

I can't say enough about my affection for these adorable shoes and this company.

Grant Navy and Orange Shoe  sneakers, Check out Squeakers' website for a full selection of 

 Blake Buckskin Suede Shoedress shoes, 

 Courtney Bone Girls' Sophisticate sandals and 

  boots (stompers)...Ella Cream Boot

Any of which would be perfect for that adorable new Christmas dress or suit you just bought for the little one.

Squeakers is also a proud partner of Soles4Souls, a non profit charity that donates shoes to kids and grown ups in need.

How can you not love that?!

Squeakers can be found online and at brick and mortar stores in select cities or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you see something you like, order now! 

In celebration of the new year and their name change, Little Green Trike Shoe Company is having a HUGE sale.

They are offering 60% off on all Stompers and Sophisticates shoes.

Check out their website for more info.

Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product to facilitate this review. I was under no obligation to publish a positive review. My opinions/experience is my own and yours may differ.



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