Monday, November 5, 2012

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep (Mia Mariu Mineral Makeup Review)

Makeup has the uncanny ability to lift our spirits when we're down, it can make us feel better, make us look better. It can erase the evidence of a bad day and make us feel even better on a good day. If you ask a woman what were the highlights of being a teen, I can almost promise you, getting to wear makeup will be very high on the list. 

Since having my little one, I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis. If I'm running out of the house for a quick trip to the grocery, I'll put on "half a face", consisting of some powder, lip gloss and mascara, call it even and go.  If I'm going out with my husband to eat (not a drive thru) or  go shopping or anything that might possibly result in me seeing people who know me (or where small children are going to be present), I will put on the "whole face", which consists of foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara and lip color of some kind or an exorbitant amount of lip gloss (usually Baby Lips). 

I was blessed with pretty good skin, other than the occasional minor breakout, my skin is pretty good. I am very fair complected and I have a hard time finding a color that truly matches my skin without looking too dark or too olive or too yellow, which is one reason I despise having to wear foundation when I go out. I guess it's not mandatory, but I just think it gives a nice base for other products and it gives the face a more "polished" look.

 I've seen all the Mineral Makeup infomercials on TV that tout claims of "Perfect" "Flawless" or "Pore Free" skin. I was convinced that they were lying, but something in me was still dying to try them.   A few days after seeing one of these types of infomercials, I was reading a post from a fellow blogger friend of mine who was raving about a new mineral makeup she'd tried and I took it as a sign from above... I must try this makeup!!!

 So, I did what any PR blogger would do... I reached out to the company and offered them my unbiased, honest opinion, in exchange for some of this "miracle makeup" I'd heard about. 

About a week later, I received a little package in the mail from Mia Mariu. Mia Mariu is a one stop online source for all your mineral makeup needs. They offer everything from mineral makeup and  nutritional supplements to  botanical skin care products

Mia Mariu offers an awesome, easy to use shade selecting tool. It can help you choose just the right shade of foundation or powder for your skin.

  I chose the Marfil shade of loose foundation and it is so spot on! Not too dark, not too light and it doesn't settle into the tiny fine lines that are ever so abruptly starting to appear over certain areas of my face.  It wears well and I noticed no loss of coverage as the day progressed or any lines of demarcation you normally get with traditional liquid foundation.



It goes on so nice and light with the No.22 blending brush, also available online from Mia Mariu. This brush can also be used for blush or any kind of powder. It is super soft and I noticed no bristles falling out. 


I was completely surprised at how much I really do like the mineral makeup. It gives just the right amount of coverage, without being too cakey or dark and a little goes a long way, so it will last a long time. Check out the full line of products from Mia Mariu, you'll be glad you did! 


Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. My opinions are my own and yours may differ.



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