Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere....

Slimrock... The low cal alternative for mixed drinks.

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I recently had the opportunity to try new Slimrock drink mixers. Slimrock has 1/5th the calories of regular mixed drinks and is sweetened with all natural Stevia and agave. 

Agave nectar is an all natural sweetener that comes from the agave plant. It's sweeter than sugar, yet doesn't create spikes in blood sugar.  

Stevia is a zero calorie, zero carb all natural sweetener, derived from the stevia plant which is 300x sweeter than sugar. Stevia use has been shown to produce no glycosides, so it causes no spike in the glycemic index, which is great for those of us who are dieting... and let's face it, when you're dieting, you often need a drink.

With 15 flavors, including

  • You're sure to find a flavor you'll love.

     I tried the Mango Margarita and it is amazing. I didn't have any Tequilla, so I used some cotton candy flavored vodka I just happened to have on hand and it went very well together. The mix had just the right amount of tangy and sweet, without any bitter aftertaste you'd find with most low cal (artificial) sweeteners. I was very impressed with Slimrock and will definitely be serving it at my next party. 


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