Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Tis The Season... To Do a Lot of Cooking!!!

I am a southern girl born and raised. I love eating good food and I love learning how to cook good food. 

These cookbooks will surely become staples in your cookbook repertoire and they also make great Christmas gifts for Mom or the foodie in your life!

Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman

Written By: David Harap

Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman is a very well written cookbook featuring tons of dishes that will wow any crowd you are entertaining. Author, David Harap, has been working in kitchens and banquet halls since he was young, which shaped his culinary career and his different tastes in food. This book is sure to make you the star at your next function. Whether cooking for large crowds or just a dinner for two, you'll definitely find something in this book to please each and every one of your guests. Available in paperback and digital download. 

The Lazy Gourmet, Magnificent Meals Made Easy

Written By: Robin Donovan & Juilana Gallin

The Lazy Gourmet is a book that really spoke to me. It is chocked full of great recipes, from starters and salads, to main dishes, desserts and sides. The Lazy Gourmet also contains tips and tricks for entertaining or for cooking at home for yourself. This book is perfect for newbies as well as accomplished cooks alike. It is written in easy to understand and follow step by step directions and suggestions as to what would go well with the dish and how to serve it. Available in print and digital download.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

Written By: Judy Gelman & Peter Zheutlin

This book is a MUST HAVE for fans of the Mad Men series or anyone who is into retro cooking. Full of not only 70 recipes taken directly from the TV show, it also contains tons of pictures and back story about the show and the 60's in general. I truly enjoyed reading this cookbook and reading about all the foods that were popular "back in the day". This book is full of historical info as well as funny quips that would make even Don Draper proud. This book is available in print and digital download.


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