Monday, November 26, 2012

Terri Michele Fragrance (Review)

"It began with a Passion, turned into an Obsession and transformed into an intoxicating fragrance line"


  "Terri Michele Fragrances is the inspiration of Michele Kaplan. A lifelong fragrance aficionado with a very sensitive nose, the mother of three became even more passionate about perfume as her daughters grew independent. Finding a signature scent—light and clean, yet lasting—was an ever-present challenge in a sea of similar, trendy fragrances. Never one to do things timidly, Michele came up with a solution: turning a hobby into a business, she created her own fragrance company."


I recently had the opportunity to experience Terri Michele's Shenandoah perfume for myself.  





Shenandoah is a fresh, clean, floral scent. It has a green earthy tone. I noticed top notes of licorice with mid notes of citrus and a nice finish that was just clean and light. I think this scent would wear best in spring or summer, as it is very light and fresh. Personally, I like to wear deeper, more substantial scents in fall and winter. 

Terri Michele offers a full line of Shenandoah products, including Parfum, Roll-On Perfume Oil, Luxe Body Lotion, Indulgent Body Lotion and even a Shenandoah scented Candle.

Terri Michele is not only a wonderful Perfumer, she is also a great conservationist. Terri Michele Fragrances is committed to using eco friendly paper and plastic bottles made from post consumer content. You can read the full story here.

 Overall, I think this scent is really nice and I am looking forward to putting it into rotation next summer.


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