Thursday, November 15, 2012

Savory Saltine Seasoning (Review)

How do you turn an ordinary box of crackers into something a  little bit "ritzier"?

Three words.....

Savory Saltine Seasoning.

Savory Saltine Seasoning is exactly what it sounds like... A seasoning for your crackers. Yes, I know, it sounds like a joke. I thought the same thing when I was approached to review this product, and after a quick Google, I found out it's real. So, Me, being the "rebel" that I am, accepted the challenge. I was fully expecting to be less than impressed with this product, but I admit, I really like it. It is a zesty mix between ranch and BBQ flavor and it really does turn a plain ol' cracker into a really good snack. 

So, how does it work?

It's really simple, you get a large Ziploc bag, Savory Saltine seasoning, some oil (the pkg calls for canola, I used olive and it turned out fine), and a box of Saltine crackers (I used Town House and again, nothing in my house exploded, substitutions are ok)


I wasn't sure how well I was going to like this product, so I started out using only one sleeve of crackers. The directions on the package said to use five tsp of seasoning and 1/2 cup of oil. I definitely think you could cut the oil by a Tbsp or two and still be fine. So you add the oil and seasoning to the bag, dissolve the seasoning and add the crackers, turn 'em a few times and you're done. I took mine out of the bag after about an hour and put them on a paper towel to let all the wonderful yumminess soak in. The package says to let them rest for at least 4 hrs up to overnight... I made it exactly seven and a half minutes before I tried one...Don't judge me. I was delightfully surprised, it was actually good. Like if a cracker and a BBQ chip met, fell in love and had a baby, then you ate that little cracker/chip baby, yeah, it's like that. 

But wait!

There's more....

You can also use the seasoning in other dishes too. I think this would taste great in a chicken burger. Add a bit of it to the ground chicken, before making the patties then add a little buffalo sauce and fry 'em up, top with a few crumbles of bleu cheese on top of an onion roll... OMG!!! Or even in a meatloaf, to give it a bit of smoky flavor. The website has a recipe for steak fajitas using the Savory Saltine Seasoning that sounds amazing, although I would probably substitute chicken for the steak and sweet yellow peppers for the green bell peppers and add some mushrooms and shredded queso and some homemade guacamole... it would be amazing. YES! I know what I'm having for lunch. 


To Be Continued...     


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