Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gift That Lasts a Lifetime...


This holiday season, give your child a gift that will stay with them forever... the gift of reading.

Some of my fondest memories as a child, were those spent reading my favorite books, in the lap of my Mom or Dad. 

I can remember some of my very favorites were  Sesame Street books... "Cookie Monster & The Cookie Tree" and a Grover Book called "The Monster at the End of This Book". 

These books have stood the test of time and have made it into my son's reading list twenty some odd years later along with the books featured below....


Benjamin Bear's Naughtiest Night Ever 

Written By: Adriana Blake

This book chronicles Benjamin Bear's naughty misadventures as he sets out to get his new babysitter fired. From toothpaste all over the bathroom to sneaking out to play baseball when he was supposed to be taking a bath, Benjamin sure knows how to get in trouble. When Mama and Papa Bear come home, boy he is in for it! This book is very realistic, complete with Papa Bear losing his temper with Benjamin then explaining to hin why it's not ok to do all the bad things he did. I love how this story allows the reader to show that even though Benjamin's dad got very angry with him, he still loves him unconditionally.  


Burton The Kind Scarecrow

Written By: V. A. Boeholt

Burton The Kind Scarecrow is a heart warming tale of a kind and lonely scarecrow who gives and gives of himself 'til there's literally nothing left. When winter comes to the farm, Burton sacrifices his own clothes, straw and hat to the critters to make their warm winter homes in, but when spring comes, Burton is of no use to the farmer, because he is nothing but a pile of remnants and sparse amounts of straw. The critters see that Burton is about to be carted off to the junk pile and they get together to fix him. This story has AMAZING illustrations and is the perfect length for a bedtime story. 


The Night After Christmas

Written By: Michael Hebler

The Night after Christmas is sure to become a holiday favorite in your home as it has already made it's way into nightly rotation in mine. This book is a wonderful follow up to the original children's classic, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore. It begins with the kid's tucked in their beds after a long day of playing with their new Christmas goodies and ends with Santa making the long trip back to the north pole. The Night After Christmas is written in the same sing song verse style as the original and has beautiful, whimsical illustrations. Available in print and digital download, this book will make an excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for any little one on your list. 

My Twins' First Christmas

Written By: Jackie Singer

My Twins' First Christmas is book number four in a series that follows a young girl named Paris through her trials and tribulations related to being the big sister to a set of baby twin sisters. The series starts out with the announcement of the impending arrival of Paris' sisters all the way through their first birthday and with this book, their first Christmas. This sweet little book follows Paris as she shows her sisters the fun activities their family do during the holidays and their Christmas traditions. It even touches on different traditions such as Kwanza and Hanukkah. This is a must read for any older sibling having trouble getting used to a new member of the family or anyone on your gift list.

The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx

Written By: Linda A. Cadose 

This book is the first in a series that follows Dr. Cliff Post on his adventures in Egypt. In this book, Dr. Post and his friend Dr. Saad  stumble upon a hidden chamber in the right paw of the Great Sphinx. Inside the chamber is a supercomputer left behind by ancient aliens who had since been long gone. That is not even the best part, the supercomputer is being sought out by a terrorist group who seek to do horrible things with it. Dr. Post and Dr. Saad do their best to foil the plans of the terrorists, but are they actually successful? The author of this book writes in great detail about the Egyptian landscape and customs, as she has traveled to all the locale in her books many times before. This book is geared more towards an older reader (10 and up), but can also be a good book to read to a younger one who may be interested in Egyptian lore.  


Michael Hebler said...

"The Monster at the End of this Book" was one of my favorites as well. That and Green Eggs and Ham. All these books sound wonderful!

Adriana Blake said...

Thank you so much Niki, for featuring my Benjamin Bear! I am so pleased! I'll tweet your site for you, and more than once! I am very appreciative. Being an indie author has been tough, in terms of marketing. I'm learning as I go. I do quick book reviews on my blog too, but not as a regular feature, just whenever I get around to it. I call it "In a Nutshell Book Reviews." It's at: Thanks again! You made my day!

Niki said...

You're so very welcome! Micah and I had fun reading about Benjamin and his antics (Benjamin better be glad he's not mine, he'd still be grounded just for what he did to the bathroom alone lol) I'm so glad I can do my part to get you some exposure for this awesome book! I will definitely check out your book reviews, I also love to read... when I find the time. lol. Mostly kid's books nowadays, as I like to play to an audience that I'm sure will appreciate my theatrics. : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for featuring my book, The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx.

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