Thursday, May 17, 2012

One man's trash...

... Is another man's repurposed baby wipes container.
I hate throwing away perfectly good containers. I have a collection of empty baby wipe boxes, plastic crystal light canisters & sour cream bowls that would embarass most people, but not me! lol I see them and think... "Hmmm, what could I use this for"?  I usually have no idea, but keep them anyways knowing a use will pop up sooner or later.
The Crystal light canisters, come in very handy for storing small amounts of leftovers. Since they're tall & slender, they stand nicely, side-by-side in the fridge, taking up only a small amount of space.
The baby wipes containers are great for storing all kinds of stuff... Manicure supplies, make-up and all those stray pens & pencils. My favorite use tho, is to store plastic bags in them. The top is perfect for one at a time, popup dispensing.
: )


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