Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your feet will thank you!!!

As a member of Bzzagent, I get to try out lots of cool stuff, from food products to diapers and everything in between. Anyone can be a Bzzagent, all you need is an opinion and the willingness to try new things.

The latest product I was given, to try,  is the new high heel insoles from Dr. Scholl's.
I was very excited to try these out, but I had a few concerns too. All other insoles I'd used in the past, really weren't all that impressive. Especially in my more fashionable shoes. I'm not a big fan of high-high heels, I'm more of a fan of cute wedges with an open thong type toe. I find them way more stable for us "more mature broads", but the design doesn't work well with an insole. They usually slip, or they show or they just plain don't provide much cushion. I am happy to report, I had none of those problems with these insoles!!!
They are made from a cushy gel material and have a sticky adhesive backing, that works great at keeping it in place. The design is perfect for open toe shoes, as well as all other kinds of heels. The instep is built up in the middle to take extra pressure off your foot and feels really stable.
I gave these insoles a workout over the weekend, at a wedding reception (in the rain), at the beauty shop and a kids' birthday party, and I must say, I'm very impressed with their performance.  Although, I wouldn't reccomend wearing these in the rain. If your feet get wet, they have a tendancy to slide.
They'll never take the place of my good ol' flip flops, but they definitely make wearing my "dress up" shoes way more comfy!

: )

I was given a pair of insoles, to try, for free, but the opinion I share is my own.


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