Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why blog?

As I was wracking my brain for something to write about, I thought to myself... "Why am I even doing this"?
Well, I guess there are several reasons.   I am not what one would typically call "sociable". I mean, I like people & people like me, but as I've gotten older, I just don't feel the need to "get out" as often as I used to. This platform helps me stay connected with the people in my life that I don't see as often as I'd like.
It's also a great way to share my favorite recipes. When I'm in the kitchen, making a dish, from a recipe I got from my mom, I often think about Kaylee (my "daughter from another mother") and how to best pass my recipes along to her.  Kids are so tech savvy nowadays, so I figure this can serve as a great digital recipe book for her to use.
It gives the right side of my brain something to do.   As I've gotten older, both physically & mentally, I've noticed my brain (and body, for that matter) just isn't quite as quick as it used to be. (I blame the boys) 
I have a horrible memory! If you ask me what I had for dinner last night, I'd be doing good to remember. I can blog about all the things I want to remember & come back and read it at a later date... It would be almost like doing it all over again. lol.
I've read, when you do creative things, such as painting, singing or writing, it's like a workout for your brain.  Since my painting skills are like that of a gang of drunken mexicans (personal experience, not racial bias), and my singing is only good, in the shower, after a few drinks (on your part, not mine), that only leaves writing! So here we are.


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