Friday, May 18, 2012

Today's Adventure...

The day I've been dreading, for weeks, has finally arrived. I can put it off no longer...Micah needs a haircut.
So we pile in the car, Mike, Micah & myself and head to the local beauty college. Yes, beauty college. Where else can you get a 5$ haircut nowadays?  Besides, what better way for the students to gain experience than to let them practice on my sweet little angel.  Did I mention that my "sweet little angel" despises having his hair cut?
So while the students are in the back, drawing straws, to see who gets to cut Micah's hair, Dad & I begin the bargaining.
"Are you excited to get a big boy haircut", I ask Micah. He responds with an emphatic "Un Uh". (At least he's honest)
"Are you going to be a good boy while you get a big boy haircut", Daddy asks. Again, responding honestly, he says "Un Uh".
At this point, I begin to pray for the poor, unsuspecting, girl who is about to try to cut this child's hair, while Daddy bribes young Micah with promises of candy.
Our victim... Err, I mean stylist approaches, with obvious trepidation. "Is this his first haircut", she asks with a shaky voice.
"No, it's his second", I respond apologetically.
We walk over to her chair & he's still maintaining his composure. (probably just saving his energy for the big event that is yet to come)
She puts the little paper strip around his neck, draped the cape over his shoulders & gets the water bottle. So far, so good. I was almost convinced this might actually be ok... Then it happened.... She squirted his hair with water.  The tears started flowing as he tried to free himself from the confines of his plastic prison.
I offer comforting words & both of my hands to hold...but she "man'd up" & kept cutting. (kidding)
He reached out,  grabbed my hands and began to calm down a little. The next 15 minutes were filled with a few more tears, requests for candy and pleas for help.
After it was all over, Micah came out of the ordeal, no worse for wear, with a decent haircut (which ended up costing 10$, because Mike felt so bad he gave the poor stylist a 5$ tip for her troubles) & a nice big pack of M&M's.
: )


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