Monday, May 21, 2012


No, not the kind who wander through city streets aimlessly looking for nice tasty brains. The kind you find in your garden.
Yes, things that were once dead, are now alive in your garden.  It sounds too easy to work, but it really does. All you need is some store bought green onions. Use the green tips in your favorite recipe, then simply plant about 2 inches of the leftover white root ends in the ground. Give 'em plenty of sunlight & water and sit back and watch your zombies sprout.
These do great in containers & can even be kept on the counter, under good lighting.
You can also use the same method for growing garlic. Plant one clove of garlic, pointy side up, in a pot, aprox 2 inches deep. Cover loosely with dirt and water.  Viola... Zombie garlic. This one can take a while to mature. I'm not positive on growing times, but you can read more about it here.


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